District heating is to heat one of the most environmentally friendly ways: For the supply of district heating , the energy used in the power plants is to a largePart of the same used twice . First , to drive turbines to generate electricity , and then to heat the district heating water. Combined heat and power , this principle. This means that our power plants operate with a very high efficiency : Up to 85 percent of the heating we can use with the power -generation and meet the requirements of the Renewable Energies Heat Act ( EEWärmeG) .


The principle of combined heat and power works wherever sufficient in power plant nearCustomers for district heating reside. And that's in Kiel with its central power plants is the case .In addition, the exhaust gases resulting from the combustion of fuel, in the environmenttechnically advanced power plants optimally cleaned and filtered.Incinerators in single or multi- family homes can not afford that to this extent .


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