Düsternbrook is on one side dominated by its majestic view of the ocean on the Kiel Fjord and on the other side with its beautiful villas and town house area which harmoniously into the great forest and parks embeds itself . These range from the north by the forest nursery park and the park across the Diederichsen Krusenkoppel with its beautiful open-air theater and the Martius Park , up to the Old Botanical Gardens and the palace garden to the south.


High North German trees and generous amount of green dominate the overall picture of Düsternbrook . In Düsternbrook and the immediate vicinity you will find many of Kiel and Schleswig -Holstein important and sometimes outstanding buildings : For example , the state government , the Kiel Arthall, Paul`s Churc , the zoological museum and the world's most highly respected University Hospital.  Furthermore, can be found in Düsternbrook important recreational venues whose visit each Kiel estimates from time immemorial : Here especially the stately Kieler Yacht Club , the popular and unique beer garden Forstbaumschule and Seebadeanstalt be mentioned. From Düsternbrook from the nearby shopping street Holtenauer road can be achieved quickly , invites with its variety of shops and places to stroll. The Kiel City is bordered to the south directly to Düsternbrook .






1665           The path is already marked on the map of Caeso grams with the direction called

                   "the gloomy break".


1807           by Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark developed as an avenue.


1852           For the first time listed in the Kiel city and address.


1969           The section of the beach path from the Seeburg until the Wall is from now on

                    "Düsternbrooker way."

The Düsternbrooker way is the boulevard along the Kiel Fjord, which. From downtown keel runs along the promenade by the sought after area Düsternbrook, where it merges into the sea promenade Hindenburgufer He invites any time to long, leisurely walks next to the Kiel Fjord. The Düsternbrooker way is an important life-axis and the "face" of the state capital. Here resides, among other things, the state government.


The formative for the cityscape and the overall mood of gloom Brooks green zone around the castle-garden was created since its origins as a parking and green space. The optics großzügigeund nature-related continues to characterize the environment of the residential community to the Martius terraces. The palace garden was formerly manorial enclosure and is now urban park. The Düsternbrooker way was in 1807 by Crown Prince Friedrich, later King Frederick VI. of Denmark created. The deforestation belonged to Brunswik, 1771 and 1873 state-purchased by the city of Kiel under the obligation to maintain the premises forestry standard. The forest tree nursery has been created in 1786, 1822 Seebadeanstalt. Today's Bellevue was built in 1869 after a fire had destroyed the pre-existing economy there.