Düsternbrooker way 45-47 result in 2013 three apartment buildings, executed in brick, standing on green terraces , designed as a continuation of the listed Martius Park. All fifteen condominiums are by gardens, terraces , balconies , bay windows and French windows in direct contact with the green outdoor spaces. In addition to the high -energy solutions also design specifications are implemented, which are likely to increase the comfort of living and at the same time act on climate and operating costs gently.



an increased sound protection is provided for the apartments.



The fittings in lying on the ground floor windows and doors are executed burglar-resistant .



It is set that is valid for 2012 Energy Conservation Ordinance is based. The buildings are designed as KFW efficiency house 70 .



all apartments in house A and B are accessible for disabled guests. House C is barrier-free accessible via the underground car park.




Featured gardens include native hedgerows and trees and spacious lawns . Paths and steps are executed in brick in facade construction. The illumination is carried out within the overall lighting concept of the condominium.The lying on the ground floor apartments has an associated open space , which is the buyers passed as applied with a lawn. Hedges or other enclosures to outside plant design designed by the architect.



Underground parking with a total of 30 parking spaces. There are 27 parking spaces provided with parking space dimensions of at least 5 mx 2.5 m and 2 parking spaces for people with disabilities.Walls made ​​of reinforced concrete shuttered smooth or sand-lime brick masonry with dust binding paint . The entrance to the parking garage is equipped with an electric motor driven roller shutter grid . For the parking garage , a ventilation system is provided . C



The bearing and reinforcing components of the three buildings and the parking garage will be built in massive construction . Supporting and bracing outer walls are made of reinforced concrete or sand-lime brick masonry according to the static , acoustical and fire protection requirements .



Flat roof with a slope , thermal insulation, waterproofing with bitumen or plastic sheeting , gravel or extensive green roof .



The facades are designed as Verblendfassaden with thermal insulation. Outer surface : bricks in different colors.




High quality endbeschichtete wood elements with heat insulation glazing . Large windows with opening function with a fall protection(Steel / glass construction ) provided . Apartments are available at the South Side an external individual and space , electrically controlledSunscreen or a black-out by way of concealed blinds.



stone concrete slabs. WALLS AND CEILING leveling Quality level 3 (Q3 ), painter fleece papered , solid paint .



Steal construction with handrail hardwood.




glazed wooden frame element like window system handles in stainless steel.



For every house is a machine room-less elevator according to EN81 -1 is provided with regenerative drives each .The execution of the elevator shaft made ​​taking into account the sound insulation in accordance with VDI 2566/2 .The elevator runs as a disabled passenger lift .





In addition to the main entrance doors each have an outer station of the intercom system is provided in a stainless steel look .The remote stations include a color camera module.In the apartments, a display is installed , which reflects the image transfer from the main entrance door.A distinctive ring is back , which door bell button is pressed ( the main entrance or front door ) .



Security Locksystem 

Execution of a radio-controlled , digital Safety locking system for housing and entrance doors as well as for the underground garage door .




The basic equipment contained can be changed according to the individual wishes of the buyer



living room, kitchen , hall, bedrooms: Oak plank flooring. Bathrooms, utility rooms : porcelain stoneware tiles.




leveling quality level papered 3 (Q3 ), painter fleece, solid paint white. Splash areas in bathrooms :Porcelain stoneware tiles, alternatively water resistant wallpaper. FIREPLACES All apartments have a fireplace connection, with the exception of WE 3.1.





Fitted Kitchens are proviede by buyer. The necessary supply and disposal connections are created on site by your kitchen design .





The lighting control of the individual units and the common areas is done conventionally by means of assignedButtons, switches and motion detectors.At the request of property owners can each residential unit with a programmable Intelligent Building Control ( KNX) equip .With the help of building system technology , for example, the following technical systems can be controlled / regulated :Lighting : on / dimming off - Heating: colder / warmer , automatically by a thermostat . Sun protection: up / down , up automatically in high winds.Optionally, other functions can also be programmed such as Control via smartphone and multimedia applications.



For the windows of the South Side is an electrically operated sunprotection system planned. The operation is done in each room on individual , de-centralized shutter switch . A wind sensoris installed for the safe operation of the system on the roof , which automatically powers up the sun protection in high winds.




For the telecommunication is made ​​a master wiring from the house connection to each apartment .For the connection of telecommunications components in the homes a structured data cabling is provided. It is to each apartmenta satellite antenna cabling provided . It is possible to implement the antenna feed also has a cable connection.An antenna junction box is provided in each of the living rooms and bedrooms .




The heating requirement is calculated according to DIN EN 12831 with an outside temperature of -10 ° C in an open area . The sanitary facilities will also receive a towel as a towel dryer. Individual room control is automatic and requires just about room temperature sensor . Have in the bathroomsthe bathroom radiator thermostat valves through which the room temperature is controlled and which provide for parallel operation of radiators and underfloor heating.




According to the Energy Saving Regulation ( Energy Saving Ordinance ) and DIN 4108-2 ( Thermal protection and energy economy in buildings ), the building envelope sealed permanently airtight . There decentralized domestic ventilation is provided with heat recovery and pollen filter for each apartment. In accordance with the requirements of the issuer of the energy certificate a supply and exhaust air system is provided for the living areas for each apartment , which with a highly efficient heat recovery (about 80 %) is provided and no heating coil adduced . The units are equipped with energy-saving fans and housed as compact units for indoor installation in bathrooms or utility rooms .



Flooring: hardwood floorboards. Balustrades on the upper floors : Clamped laminated glass balustrade executed with handrail hardwood . Lighting and electrical equipment: Pro terrace / balcony are provided wall lights and a switchable from the interior outlet.






The bathrooms are fully equipped with an exclusiveetc. of the brand Catalano created . Vanity 620 x 480 mm made of white sanitary ware with chrome single lever basin mixer .Wall hung WC pan made ​​of white satin sanitary ware made ​​of single tiles with flush push plate or stainless steel finish .The white fitted bath , 1,800 x 800 mm has a supply and overflow set in the middle of the tub. By the centrally disposed and concealed outletthe bath results in a flat lying surface . When fitting a chrome flush-mounted thermostat is provided with handheld showerhead.The floor-level shower system receives a channel drain with stainless steel cover.WC / Shower : Wash basin 650 x 480 mm made of white sanitary ware with chrome single lever basin mixer and design trap .Wall hung WC pan made ​​of sanitary ceramic white tiles with flush push plate made ​​of tempered satin finish or stainless steel look.